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FEAT is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization of parents, family members, and treatment
professionals dedicated to providing best outcome Education, Advocacy and
Support for the Northern California Autism Community.

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 FEAT     April 23, 2014  
The FEAT Values Minimize
  • Children have a right to receive scientifically proven, best outcome treatment
  • Every child benefits from receiving scientifically proven, best outcome treatment
  • All individuals with autism have the right to opportunities to meet their full, unique potential
  • Society significantly benefits when individuals with autism are given the opportunity to reach their full, unique potential
May 21st Family Resource Meeting Minimize

Due to Spring Break schedules, there will not be a FEAT Family Resource Meeting held during April, 2014. 

FEAT Family Resource Meeting

Pizza will be served!
WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 7pm-9pm
Shriner’s Hospital Auditorium
2425 Stockton Blvd.,
Sacramento, CA 95817
Free Parking in Shriner’s Hospital Garage


Donate to FEAT! Minimize

Pay it Forward-- Your Annual Donation Helps the Next Family
While Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong condition in which the needs of your child will change over time, there is hope for your child to live a fulfilled life with support and company of loved ones. Since 1993, FEAT families and supporters have worked hard to improve treatment resources and advocacy services; and effect changes in the minds of those who make program decisions for individuals with autism and their families.

Begin our journey with us resolved to be autism treatment champion. Have confidence that through your commitment and hard work your family will successfully meet the challenges that a life including autism brings. Show through example how highest quality treatment profoundly improves the life of the individual with autism, their entire family and community.

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