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Autism Tissue Program
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Connie Frenzel, RN, MS
Autism Tissue Program Outreach Coordinator

  • The Autism Tissue Program is a national non-profit organization whose primary mission is to promote autistic spectrum disorders research by providing approved scientists access to the most fundamental, rare, precious, and most necessary resources, postmortem brain tissue.
  • Currently, organ donor programs do not include brain donation. Researchers need brain tissue from people with autistic spectrum disorders and brain tissue from those who are neurotypical so that they may make comparisons. By doing these comparisons, this will lead to better understanding of the causes of autism and interventions and treatments.  
  • Our national outreach program promotes awareness among professionals and families of the critical need for this gift of hope. 
  • Additionally, the Autism Tissue Program promotes collaboration among scientists worldwide. 
  • The Autism Tissue Program is a combined effort of the MIND Institute at UC Davis, NAAR (National Alliance for Autism Research), ASA (Autism Society of America) and receives additional funding from numerous federal government sources. 
  • For further information on the program, information on current brain research, to register as a future donor, or receive materials, please visit our website at www.MemoriesofHope.org
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