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Food & Environmental Issues

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How to Find the Healthiest Fare in Meat and Produce AislesImportant and Useful information for your next trip to the grocery store, by Dr. Mercola 5/9/2013Unknown2768
Operation Safe Seafood California 20102010 Operation Safe Food investigation report of mercury-contaminated seafood and sushi from California grocery stores and restaurants.4/22/2013968.74 KB4164

California Immunization Wavier Form for Public Schools

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California Immunization Wavier Form For Public SchoolsParents have the right in California to vaccinate their children or to sign a wavier form for medical or philosophical exemption admittance to California public schools.4/22/2013929.27 KB3863
Law for Public and Private School Students as Amended 2011Assembly Bill No. 354 - An act to amend Section 120325 of, and to amend, repeal, and add Section 120335 of, the Health and Safety Code, relating to vaccinations.4/22/201379.14 KB3061
Philosophical Exception for Dtap Vaccination for CA Public SchoolsPhilosophical Exception for Dtap Vaccination for CA Public Schools4/22/2013929.27 KB3863

Keeping Individuals with Autism Safe

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Bullying at SchoolBullying at School has been prepared to address negative behaviors in our schools. The document outlines state and federal laws regarding behavior and discipline issues; it describes studies performed over the past decade...4/22/20131,019.20 KB2837
Disabling GPS feature on SmartphoneDisabling GPS feature on Smartphone cameras to conceal location of picture prior to posting to public social internet sites like Photobucket, Facebook.4/22/2013Unknown2011
FEAT Child Safely Home FormsFEAT Child Safely Home Forms4/22/2013520.65 KB3211
Keeping Kids and Teens Safer on the InternetInternet Safety, short video describing how children can be followed from the "anonymous" internet to their home and school.4/22/2013Unknown2162

Quality Nutrition

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Non GMO Project  1/30/2014UnknownDownload
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