For general inquiries or more information about FEAT, or if you would like to JOIN FEAT, please 
Contact FEAT (email: feat @ - but it's better to use the Form below/ 

You may also call  or FAX us at our VoiceMail/FAX number: (916) 303-7405

When leaving a message, please leave your contact information and the nature of your request.  Your request will be routed to the appropriate person, but please keep in mind that FEAT is an all volunteer organization, and it may take several days for someone to get back to you. 

Our mailing address:

Families for Early Autism Treatment
P. O. Box 255722
Sacramento, CA 95865-5722

Already a FEAT member? If you have specific questions and concerns, or would like to request  FEAT Volunteer Parent Coaching Services, please 

Request FEAT Coaching Services (email: connect @ - Again, Please use the Form below for the best results. 

Important: Please provide a telephone number at which you can be reached. FEAT does not provide written guidance or responses to any inquiry. A FEAT Volunteer Parent Coach will contact you by telephone within approximately five business days.  

Your participation in FEAT Volunteer Parent Coaching Services is dependent upon your involvement in FEAT, and is subject to the discretion of FEAT volunteer Board members and/or Coaches.

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